Principal Huang Qiang started his dancesports professional training since 1991. He practiced diligently and has become a Latin dance professional.  From 1994 to 2011, he participated in a number of Latin dance international championships competitions in China, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and has won several professional Latin dance competitions achieving the top ranking awards.  With his wealth of experience in competitions and teaching, he promoted and popularized dancesports in the China market to meet international standards.

Since 2001, Mr. Huang Qiang advanced his dance techniques by learning from several top masters from all over the world.  He has also obtained professional teaching qualifications as an international teacher of IDTA International Dance Teachers’ Association and ISTD Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, and international judge of WDC World Dance Council and the National Dance Teacher and Judge of China. He has been invited to judge in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia countries, UK, Italy and other countries.

Mr. Huang Qiang established his dance school Dance Star Academy in Wuhu since 1996.  During these 21 years, he had cultivated a large number of excellent students and teachers to become professional talents and have sent them to professional dance institutes to further their learning in dance.  Mr. Huang Qiang founded Hong Kong’s Dance Star Academy in Hong Kong in 2012.  He is the founder and president of WDTA World Dancesport Teachers’ Association. With the support from the Hong Kong and the world dance industry, WDTA has made contribution in the promotion and development of dancesports in Hong Kong and China.