Wuhu Dance Star Academy is a professional private dance school that approved by Wuhu Government Board of Education.  Wuhu Dance Star Academy is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Dance Star Academy.  It is an institution that teaches Latin dance, modern dance, ballet, Chinese dance, modern dance instructed by a team of international and local professional dance teachers. The principal Huang Qiang possesses more than 20 years of coaching experience in Latin dance.  Huang Qiang is the founder and chairman of WDTA World Dancesports Teachers’ Association.

Wuhu Dance Star Academy is located in the Wuhu city center.  Since its establishment in 1996, Wuhu Dance Star Academy (Club) has been trained many outstanding young students and professional teachers who have won numerous awards in the competitions organised locally and internationally.  The school organizes students to participate in domestic and international competitions in Latin dance, Chinese dance and other dances.  It regularly invites international teachers to provide training programs to local students and teachers in order to enhance their dancing techniques and teaching skills, as well as dance theories.